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The Beginning

8 Must Have Tools

When we first purchased the bus we thought it would be as quick as, gutting the bus, putting up some walls, and living freely. As you know by now, we severely underestimated this project....


We have had A LOT going on, and in an attempt to rectify abandoning all seven people that read this incredibly famous blog, here's the low down on everything that's been happening. Back in October...

Deck Yes!

When we were deciding whether or not to purchase a bus we made a list of the pros and cons. As many of you that own a bus have found out, there are far...

Cell Phones are Expensive

As we get closer and closer to our bus being finished, we are seeing an increase in savings as our bills go down. We both have had AT&T since it was Cingular and we've...

Hatching a New Idea

Initially we thought that having tinted windows would be great for keeping our newly acquired lifestyle a little more private. While, they do make it more difficult for those outside to see in, it...


Before we even bought the bus, we were visiting different vendors to pick up flooring samples. It was going to be installed in no time and we needed to have it NOW. As it...

Spray Foam Insulation

Some of you may have read our post about Foam-It-Green and what a disappointment it was for our project. Having run short of product well before finishing the bus left us in a bit...


We are experiencing all of this for the first time like many of you. We are a community here to help each other and give advice on how to do things and products to...

5th Time’s the Charm

In 1839 an English poet by the name of Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote a letter addressed to fellow poet Richard Henry Horne in which she wrote, "The luck of the third adventure is proverbial."...

Working with Wheel Wells

Since we ended up in a 27' bus, we need to maximize our storage space. This means that every nook and cranny needs to be utilized. To be honest, we would have probably done...


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