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We’re Baaaaack

Nearly two years have passed since we officially started #buslife and so much has happened! Graduating college, two trips to Mexico, and starting a business are just a few of the things that have kept to so busy over these last couple years.I (Dustin) graduated college with a B.S....


While we love being outside and exploring new place, we are also huge fans of technology. Moving from a three bedroom house into the bus meant seriously downsizing our office. There's just no room for a full blown server setup in our 166 sq ft. home. Fortunately as technology...

Installing a RV Shower

Since our bus is only 27' we did not have room for an indoor shower. Even if you plan to install an indoor shower you may also want to have an exterior shower for rinsing kayaks, washing the dog, etc. Although cutting a giant hole in the side of your bus may seem terrifying (it was for us too)...


Although we decided to live small doesn't mean we have to stop doing the things that we love, and one of those things is cooking for our friends and family. In the past, this has been quite easy for us since we have primarily lived in large dwellings with open floor plans, but moving into 200 sq ft. means...

Building a Pallet Wall

Accent walls made from reclaimed pallet wood have become quite popular over the last several years. Installing a pallet wall in your home or RV is an incredibly easy, and extremely affordable way to bring a bit of color to any wall that may be lacking. We have seen a lot of these walls that were quite skewed and...

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