Some of you may have read our post about Foam-It-Green and what a disappointment it was for our project. Having run short of product well before finishing the bus left us in a bit of a pickle. Should we order more of the product we didn’t like, or try another product and maybe get burned twice? We ended up ordering more Foam-It-Green and they cancelled our order because we left an honest Amazon review about their 602 product not fulfilling the board foot advertised.

Time to look for something else

Before we purchased Foam-It-Green we came across several other products, one of them being Tiger Foam. Their kit was cheaper than the same board foot kit from Foam-It-Green but it didn’t come with all of the “extras” so we didn’t want it. Not until we purchased the Foam-It-Green kit did we realize that the extras were super cheap items you can literally buy anywhere for a fraction of the price.

Since we needed to get another kit to finish our insulation we went with Tiger Foam. Their customer service was great, they answered all of our questions without having to call us back and we already had all of the extra personal protection equipment from the Foam-It-Green kit.

The Tiger Foam went on very easy, expanded at least twice as much as the Foam-It-Green, and cured much harder. The 600 board foot kit from Tiger Foam was so effective that we nearly covered up all of the original Foam-It-Green.

The little amount of trimming we did on the Foam-It-Green was not as easy as the Tiger Foam. Foam-It-Green was powdery and brittle after two full weeks. The Tiger Foam was trimmed within three days of spraying and it held up great. Now that the walls and ceiling are sprayed and trimmed, we can finally begin to build. If you are interested in seeing how we easily trimmed our foam check out our post Electric Foam Saw.

“Pro” Tip: When spraying the ceiling, only spray every other panel. Doing it this way makes it incredibly easy to trim the panels. Once they are trimmed, you can go back and respray the panels you previously skipped. If you spray all of the panels at once trimming become more difficult because the tip of your foam knife will smash into the untrimmed panel next to the one you are trimming. Ask us how we know.

Now that this unexpected overly long step is completed we are anticipating much quicker build progression. The order of what’s to follow is flooring, room framing, electrical, plumbing. Maybe? 🙂

Stay tuned!


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