As we get closer and closer to our bus being finished, we are seeing an increase in savings as our bills go down. We both have had AT&T since it was Cingular and we’ve always loved it and had no problems. How could you hate getting an iPhone every two years for free? There is one down side however now that we are going to be living a modest lifestyle with less income… $60 a month is just not feasible for something that seems like a luxury item.

We started shopping around for other providers and every plan with a contract just seemed ridiculously high considering we are living in the age of technology. Why are people still paying $0.10 a text message over their allotted amount? Craziness.

We eventually starting looking at ughh… dare we say it… prepaid plans. There are too many to even begin to read what every single one is about. There was one company that stood out again and again at every website we visited when researching prepaid phones. That company was TPO. Short for The People’s Operator, TPO is a company built on Sprint’s existing infrastructure.

So why make the switch? Yes, their 4G LTE coverage is amazing, and you can choose from multiple plans, but the greatest part is that TPO donates 10% of your monthly bill to a charity that YOU choose! Not only do they donate 10% of each months bill, they also give another 25% of their annual profits to charity! Below is a small list of the charities you can choose from. Don’t like any of the charities you can choose from? No problem! Search for a charity you want to support and add it to your TPO account. It’s that easy. We are giving our 10% to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

it gets better! is also an open platform through which people can raise money for any cause, and encourage others to do the same. You don’t even have to be a TPO customer to join, but you have the option to encourage others to switch their mobile providers. In contrast to other giving platforms such as Crowdrise, Network for Good, Razoo and even Indiegogo, TPO doesn’t charge the charities using its fundraising service. This means that 100% of the funds raised using TPO go to the charity it was meant for.

If you are interested in switching your mobile provider, saving money, AND donating 10% to your favorite charity this is the company for you. You can even keep your existing number! If you are interested in switching, use our link here to get a free great value prepaid plan when you join TPO Mobile.

We hope you join us on donating a portion of our cellphone bills to charity. ❤️🌎

*We are not sponsored by TPO and they did not pay us to write this. We just love what they are doing!!!


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