Bus Crew
Dustin, Holly, Chester, Anthony.

As you know, we were back and forth on how we would like to proceed with our travel “plans” and it seemed like an RV was the way to go. After only a couple of weeks of research we changed our minds and decided a bus, was us! We found our bus in Florida and flew down just a few days later with our buddy Anthony and Chester. Check out Anthony and Laurene’s bus at @russbuss_travels.

Holly had never been on an airplane and she loved it. Seeing landscapes from 30,000 feet is definitely something everyone should do. She had also never seen a palm tree in person and was truly amazed at how tall they were.

“This is your captain speaking…”

Map“Welcome to the Tampa International Airport, the time is 4:30PM and it’s 74° and sunny.” Finding our way through the maze known as TIA was a interesting. The captain said the weather was perfect, yet it seemed as though we were going to be spending the night in the airport. Once we finally made our way outside we were picked up by our friend Floyd’s mom and we headed towards Hudson. By 6PM we could see a beacon of school bus yellow shining brightly in our direction. Our bus and new home was parked right out front as if it had moved itself there to welcome us with open arms. The hairs on our necks stood tall, as it was finally real. She was beautiful!!! It took over 3 hours to go over everything we needed to know before we hitting the road. Learning how to drive a 27′ school bus at night is definitely not recommended, but we took the drive nice and slow topping out at 63 MPH and stopped at several places along the way allowing our white knuckles to regain blood flow.

After a lot of hairy moments, and racing hearts, we finally made it back. As much as we are eager to leave Shippensburg forever, it was quite nice to see exit 37 was just 2 miles ahead. It was 4 AM when we finally parked the bus. The entire trip took 2 days, and $222.65. We arrived safely with not a single incident, let the deconstruction begin!

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