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Dremel Dun Blownt Out

We use our Dremel 4200 for a lot of tasks. Most recently we used it to retrofit a RV latch into our side door. Because this Dremel gets a lot of use, it is...

Framing (Part 2 – Steps)

While framing and insulating the bus walls we didn't consider the steps. They were one part of the bus that we did not think we needed to touch. They had water proof rubber padding...

Federal Tax Credit

We have been looking at solar arrays and inverters since before this project began. Dustin, being a techie is always looking for new electronics to play with... but mostly to take apart and see...

Electric Foam Saw

Although our plans don't always work out, we are planners. We plan our meals, we plan where we are going to hike the coming weekend, we plan what we are going to do a...

Door Insulation

While we were doing our RV Latch Retrofit we realized that the door insulation was as pathetic as the rest of the factory insulation that came in the bus. We had some foam board...

RV Latch Retrofit

We decided that the original bus handle on the side and rear doors were very ugly and not secure at all. You could lock the two doors but only by using a pin from...

Framing (Part 1 – Walls)

This tutorial focuses specifically on the outer bus walls. Parts 2-6 will follow discussing the steps, ceiling, bed, counters, and rooms. We have never framed anything other than a picture, however unlike most other parts of...


It took us 5 times installing our subfloor before we got it right. We want to save you that trouble. We are not experts, but we feel confident in our newly learned skill. This...


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